Saint Alexander Nevsky Church
Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
15 Church Street Richmond Maine 04357
Pandemic Considerations
Service Schedule and Visitors

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to directives from our Metropolitan and the State of Maine we are taking various precautions against the spread of the Covid virus.  We encourage all to practice appropriate social distancing in services and while coming and going from the church. Please keep in mind that many in church are in one family or regularly visit in one another's homes and so naturally there is less distance observed between some of our parishioners.

Parishioners:  If you have been out of state please complly with Maine's mandate to quarantine or to have negative test results before coming to services. 

Visitors: Visitors from Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont only are now able, according to State of Maine mandates, to pass into Maine without quarantine or testing.  Visitors from other states should comply with State of Maine mandates on quarantining and testing.  Thank you!

The church is usually open Wednesday thru Saturday 10-3 for visits and prayers.

Compline is usually (please call to confirm) served evenings at 4:30 pm except when there is a vigil scheduled (see schedule).

The bookstore  is also open Wednesday thru Saturday 10-3 except on major feasts.  It is also open for a little while after the service on Sundays. If you are coming from afar it is always wise to confirm bookstore hours before coming.

Glory to God for all things!

Monthly Calendar
(Printing Instructions)
Schedule of Services
  - Divine Liturgy

6:45 AM  Early Divine Liturgy

9:15 AM Divine Liturgy

3:30pm - Preparation for Holy Communion

The Sacrament of Confession and Absolution is available Saturday from 4 pm until 5 pm.  And again, if Father Chad is not serving, during the vigil.  


5:00pm - Vigil

Confessions begin at 3:30 PM. Vigil begins at 5 PM.

Eve of Feast
4:00pm - Confessions
5:00pm - Vigil
  - Divine Liturgy time to be announced